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Jake and Danielle talk about their latest board gaming experiences, delicious craft beer, and find any opportunity to join the two together.
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Dec 28, 2015

Draft Mechanic Episode 10: Mysterium on Tap, Patchwork, Babel, Euphoria, Deception, Nations, Buyouts & Mergers

It’s the last episode of 2015! Over the Christmas break we visited Empire Board Game Library in Albuquerque NM and raided their shelves for gaming goodness. We dug into the two-player battlefields of Patchwork and Babel, and then displaced some workers in the land of Euphoria. On a second visit, we stretched our lying and deduction muscles with the Dukes of Dice with a few rounds of Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Finally, we stood the test of time with a mammoth five-player game of Nations. Our game on tap this episode is Mysterium, and we’ve got four spectral brews to help you glean understanding from the other side. Finally - 2015 has been a year of buyouts and mergers in both the game and beer industry - we dig deep into the parallels and differences and discuss whether or not we should be scared of Big Beer and Big Game.

There’s a ton of games to talk about so sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show!


02:15 Empire Board Game Library in Albuquerque, NM

07:26 Patchwork

13:20 Babel

20:08 Euphoria

32:55 Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

41:51 Nations

49:29 Game on tap: Mysterium

56:47 Buyouts and Mergers in the beer and game worlds

Check out the AB InBev presentation we talked about here.

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Thanks for listening and we’ll see you back here again soon for another round!

Dec 25, 2015

Draft Mechanic: Spoiler Episode Beta

T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case, 1992 NT

ALERT! ALERT! The following podcast episode contains major, massive, unyielding spoilers for the T.I.M.E Stories scenario “The Marcy Case.” If you haven’t played it yet, run, run away from this episode! Jake, Danielle, Dan & Kyle sat down after their second temporal mission to review their performance and discuss [REDACTED]. Spoiler: we didn’t do as well this time. Not a spoiler: The Marcy Case was just as exciting and captivating as Asylum. We hope you enjoy this debriefing, and we’d love to hear your feedback sent our way at!

We’ll be back again next week on our regular Monday!

00:46 A word from the future

03:18 Or at least two things

06:35 How was that an indication?

08:34 Why didn’t we call ‘gun’?

11:19 We went to a certain place

18:00 That is a level of meta I don’t want to get into

26:53 Taking a quick break

33:59 Danger is present

38:54 Turn this way quick

52:00 Magic herrings


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See you later, time cowboys!

Dec 14, 2015

Draft Mechanic Episode 9: Among the Stars, Steam Park, Mottainai, Two Rooms and a Boom, Holiday beer roundup

It's December and we're running out of year! Coincidentally, the president desperately needs to find the doctor before the clock runs out - yes, it's Two Rooms and a Boom. Pow! Not your kind of vibe? How about a monk crafting works for their gift shop? Yes, we've got Mottainai too. Jake dives into his favorite gaming universe - and loses spectacularly - with our six-pack review of Among The Stars: Revival! And then we choose some fitting beer pairings for 2013’s big hit from iello, Steam Park. We round out this episode with a run-through of over a dozen great holiday beers you can share to spread that holiday cheer. So sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show!


01:00 Two Rooms and a Boom

11:52 Mottainai

20:00 Six pack review: Among The Stars: Revival

43:30 On Tap: Steam Park

57:00 Holiday beer roundup


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Our theme music is "Superpower of Choice" by The Liberation Jumpsuit! Thanks to Jeff and Drew for making this happen!


Hope you enjoyed the show, we'll be back in two weeks for another round!